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Risktaker5 Marketing Group was created by Gutenberg Laguerre Beau Soleil on 1st January 2018. Originally this was only an advertising and promotion group for artist DKG, based out of North Miami, Florida. We began to do well and grow as a business. So, we decided to expand our business from managing just one celebrity to opening our doors to the public on 1st June 2018.

We intend to create a community that excels in generating traffic to promote and advertise our clients. We thrive and live by the motto “Network to make it work”. With just one year of experience in promotions and social media marketing, we are already tackling the internet with the belief of growing our brand and expanding our business beyond boundaries. We are always on the lookout for premium clients and celebrities and enable them to reach out to a larger audience.

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Had been looking for a genuine and efficient manager for myself, who could manage all my tours, events and promotions. Teaming up with RiskTaker5MG was a boon in disguise. They were extremely supportive and always available at every beck and call.

Steve Riddik

Collaborating with Team RiskTaker5MG was an incredible experience. All my advertisements, endorsements, online and offline promotions, media interviews were managed by the team pretty efficiently. Highly recommended.


Let us take care of it! We are willing to give some advice and support whatever you need.